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Arrow “Disbanded” Recap & Review: Fall and rise of Oliver Queen

After airing one of the darkest episodes of Arrow last week, the show returned to explore a broken Oliver Queen following his brutal physical and psychological torture at Prometheus’ hand.

Fall of Oliver Queen

This week’s aptly titled “Disbanded” episode started with Oliver tending to his wounds and the team trying to console him. However, despite even Diggle’s 1-on-1 time with Ollie, he reasserts his decision to disband the team.

After being locked out of their headquarters, the team gathers at Felicity’s apartment. Hoping that Oliver will come around, they decide to continue their crusade of saving the city. Felicity turns her focus on bringing down Chase with help from her new friends at Helix.

Meanwhile, Oliver returns as Mayor in his office. Looking quite drained, he tells Quentin that it’s over and the Chase has won. However, Chase comes to his office and places a knife in front of him. He gives Oliver a choice to either kill him or let him walk free. After Ollie keeps his silence, he leaves the room telling him to keep the knife to remind him of his torture.

One of the exciting parts of the show is the flashbacks. The next flashback is an important one as Anatoli learns that Oliver wants to return to Lian Yu. As five years have almost passed since his disappearance, this brings us closer to the beginning of the show when Oliver was rescued from the island. One can say that the show has reached its full circle.

At Helix, Felicity founds the video of Chase taking off his Prometheus mask. However, his face is pixelated with an optical scrambler from Kord Industries.

Frustrated, Oliver brings in Anatoli and asks him to kill Adrian Chase. Anatoli asks him for payment as goodwill gesture to which Oliver agrees.

Over at the temporary headquarters, the team goes old school with low-tech equipment courtesy of Layla & Argus. Tracking a break-in at a medical research laboratory, the team moves out. However, their fight is abruptly ended when Diggle is approached by Anatoli and tells him that they have an invitation for the robbery.

John Diggle confronts Oliver and tries to convince him not to sell his soul in order to see Chase dead. However, he retains his ground and asks him to stay out of it. Back at the headquarters, John has a conversation with Felicity who thinks that Oliver’s decision might be right.

While Anatoli is telling Oliver his plans to combine stolen medicines to create an addictive drug, John arrives. He again tries to help Oliver. But, Oliver tells John that his crusade was a lie and he is beyond redemption. He further tells him to let Bratva do their job.

While DA Chase is being transferred to the safe house, Bratva attacks him. However, the team intervenes and during the confrontation Curtis manage to steal Chase’s optical scrambler.

Rise of Oliver Queen

Chase is then put in WITSEC in order to protect him. Angered, Oliver arrives at Diggle’s house and punches him really hard in the face. Despite this, Diggle stops Oliver from leaving and compares his condition to his own when John killed his brother. He tells Oliver to atone for his sins as he did as Spartan and that he is not alone.

At Helix, Felicity is approached by Curtis and he shows them the stolen optical scrambler. However, the device is encrypted.

Meanwhile, Oliver meets with Anatoli and tells him to stand down. Anatoli refuses to do this and tells him that if they interfere with his drugs operation they will become enemies.

With new instilled hope from conversation with John, Oliver gathers team in the Arrowcave and ask for their help to handle Bratva and prove that Chase was wrong about him.

Arrow and the team reach Zarn Corporation to stop Bratva from stealing drugs. Meanwhile, Felicity and Curtis break into Kord Industries to steal a piece of tech to decrypt the optical scrambler’s algorithm. After a fierce fight with Anatoli’s men, team Arrow manages to save hostages held by them and spoil their plans of stealing drugs.

Back at the headquarters, Felicity decrypts the video they received from Helix. Happy with this, they plan to use that video to out Chase as Prometheus. Oliver then restarts the team, but he is not yet ready to put on the Green Arrow’s suit.

Finally, the video is outed showing Chase removing the Prometheus’ mask. Security personnel at WITSEC also receive this message, but Chase kills them before they can arrest him. Finally, he drives away in a car with the police cars going in the opposite direction.

Arrow "Disbanded" Review

Episode Review

The last episode of Arrow was dark, despite one of the best in this season. This week's episode took that darkness and turned it into a shimmer of hope. Seeing both the fall and rise of Oliver Queen in a single episode seems rushed, however it was necessary to give viewers "Hope" before the upcoming series hiatus.

During the last few episodes, Actor Josh Segarra has proven to be an excellent choice to play the cynical Prometheus. His chemistry with Stephen Amell has uplifted the show from its dark times. Amell also continues to prove his worth by showcasing various sides of his character.

Another character to watch is Anatoli Knyazev, who has developed a rift with Oliver and could be used as a potential villain in the future.

Now that Prometheus' identity is outed in front of the public, a final altercation is almost imminent. If the show stayed on the right path, it surely will be worthwhile to watch. Arrow returns with "Dangerous Liaisons" on April 26 on The CW.

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