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The Expanse S02E10 Recap & Review – “Cascade”

The scope of “The Expanse” is much bigger than just Sci-Fi and it’s been continually proving that throughout the series. The second season has been churning out amazing episodes one after the other and ‘Cascade’ continues that trend.

Arrival at Ganymede Station

Although the crew of Rocinante arrived at Ganymede in the last episode, their journey at the station starts now. This week’s episode “Cascade” is mostly divided into two parts – the crew trying to locate Prax’s daughter Mei & Dr. Strickland and Avasarala desperate to figure out what actually happened on Ganymede.

Fortunately for the Rocinante crew, Mei and Strickland are only missing and not dead, thus giving them hope. The same can’t be said for Earth and Mars as they struggle to keep their peace talks sane.

As Holden and Naomi look for clues regarding Protomolecule infestation on the station, Amos and Prax found out about a man called ‘Roma’ who searches for people in exchange for food. Prax also found some irregularities with plants coloring.

Generally, Amos is quite disconnected with people other than his Rocinante peers. However, he connected with Prax within a short time probably because the search for her daughter reminds him his own past.

The crew regroups to ask Roma’s help in their search. However, he refuses to help unless they provide him with ‘Chicken’. Angered, Amos nearly bashes his head-in but he is stopped by Prax.

Later, Amos tells Prax how young girls like her daughter are forced into prostitution and how their kids are handled the same way. This sheds some light on Amos’ past, as he has grown up in Brothels and dealt with bullies his whole life.

Meanwhile, Alex is bored-to-hell waiting back on the Rocinante and passes time with help from zero-gravity and a lot of soda. He also receives notification that all ships are now on lockdown.

After searching through loads of camera footage, Roma finally finds Dr. Strickland and Mei. They seem to be entering the oldest part of the station which lacks any camera installations.

Back on the Earth

After Gunnery Bobbie Draper slipped and referenced the ‘Man without a Vac Suit’ during her last statement, she is asked to stay in her room. Possibly liable to face Court-martial on reaching Mars, she is denied the only request she places ‘to see the Ocean’ before going back.

She retaliates this restraint by breaking out of her quarters. While climbing down, she is frightened by a bird’s cry and experience a terrible fall. However, she starts running as if nothing much happened.

Although Martian marines have a strict training routine that might prepare them for any situation, I personally thought it was a bit much to see her survive the fall without any injury at all.

As Avasarala look at Bobbie’s service record, she is approached by Errinwright. Moved by the recent ordeal at Ganymede and the near destruction of Earth by Eros, he confesses to have been working with Jules-Pierre Mao. Aware of the Protomolecule based weapon research on Ganymede, he says it started as a Peace conversation regarding the safety of the Earth. Hearing this, Avasarala argues with him and says that he will be liable for his actions.

As Bobbie searches for ‘Ocean’ in the bright sunlight, Avasarala is made aware of her disappearance by Cotyar. She asks him to find Bobbie discretely before others can reach her. She also suggests that Errinwright is more helpful outside the jail at this time.

Wandering, Bobbie encounters a man who can help her reach the Ocean in return for Osteo-X. He says that he can trade it to get medicine for radiation affected kids and probably some Chloroquine to prevent at least some people from dying. After the exchange, he guides her to the pathway and also helps to adjust her walking stance for Earth’s gravity.

At this point, Bobbie might have also realized that all Earthers are not as bad as they have been told.

After traversing through a tunnel, Bobbie finally reaches the Ocean and sits on its shore. However, Avasarala reaches there and shows her Project Caliban’s data about the creature Bobbie had seen. She further tells her that it is a kind of weapon tested on Ganymede by the Martian government. Bobbie rejects her accusation, although she is not sure what to believe in.

Cotyar then receives notification that Martians have found her and nearing-in. He along with Avasarala leave the scene.

The Expanse "Cascade" Review


Since 'The Expanse' started, people have been comparing it to 'Game of Thrones'. In my opinion, except GOT inspired opening theme, Expanse is a whole another beast.

With strong writing and an incredible cast, the show has been turning heads all around. Although, the pace has slowed during the last few episodes, the scope of the show has greatly increased.

This week's episode 'Cascade' proves the show-runners' ability to handle multitude of situations effectively. It also pushes the premise of the show to the season showdown which we'll be seeing soon.

The show returns next week with the episode titled 'Here There Be Dragons' on Syfy channel.

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