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The Expanse S02E11 – Here There Be Dragons Promo

As referenced in my Cascade episode review, pace of the show has been slow since the last few episodes. But I’m happy to say that it is longer the case.

The saying ‘Calm before the storm’ is fitting here, as the next episode will be action-packed as evident from the latest¬†Here There Be Dragons¬†promo.

Here There Be Dragons Promo

In the video below, we finally see where Dr. Strickland has been keeping Mei. Along with other scientists, he seems to be performing experiments on kids like her. A trio of security personnel is also present there, although they are about get some serious ass-kicking thanks to the Rocinante crew.

Back on Earth, the lander about to take back Bobbie is sent away for some reason. Soon, Bobbie realizes that she has been told lies by her Martian Superiors. She finally snaps and gives Captain Martens some hardcore beating. Finally, we see her running away with Martian soldiers following her.

Without further delay, here is the promo video:

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