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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Finale: “Aruba” Recap & Review

After a roller coaster of a power struggle for the ‘Spear of Destiny’, the show finally resolved the conflict in the Season 2 Finale. The episode titled “Aruba” was exciting, funny and everything in between.

The Miniature ‘Waverider’

The episode “Aruba” started with a seamless recap of all the previous episodes of the season. Rip Hunter, with the help of Gideon, finally fixed the ship. However, there is one small problem. The Waverider is miniaturized and is sitting on a desk in ‘Star Labs’.

Back at the team bunker, Ray and Jax are trying to communicate with the Timeship using a 21st century Radio. They finally figure out a way to communicate by speaking some ‘made-up Science mumbo jumbo’. Also, Nate’s hair-do looks quite funny.

Jefferson ‘Jax’ seems to have come far from his ‘car-mechanic’ days as he is innovating ideas with a scientific genius like Ray Palmer. Then again, this is science fiction and anything is possible. Although they do take excessive liberty with the word ‘Quantum’.

Without them doing anything, Rip Hunter finds them and barges in with his tiny little ship which honestly looks like something made out of Lego. Realizing Eobard Thawne must have used the Atom Suit to shrink the Waverider, they decide to steal it. Without much effort and knocking just a single guard, they find the suit.

As Ray Palmer is a plumber in this reality, he clearly couldn’t have built the multi-million dollar Atom Suit. Even if Thawne built it for no apparent reason, would he just place it openly for anyone to steal? This show sometimes makes no sense. Plus, the suit fits Ray perfectly.

Before they could leave, Damien Darhk with his renewed ‘Magic’ attacks them. However, Mick saves the day by knocking Darhk down with his gun. With Waverider less than a metre away from Mick, Ray shoots a beam from his suit to reverse the shrinking process.

I don’t know if the the creators are being ignorant here, but seeing that the ship increased in size hundreds of times, anyone in its vicinity would be killed instantly.

Back to the Past

With a plan to destroy the ‘Spear of Destiny’ with Christ’s blood, they reach back to France in 1916. Just as Ray digs up the vial containing Christ’ blood, Thawne appears out of nowhere and steals it. After destroying it, he kills Ray by ripping his heart out.

With the mission unchanged, the team decide to steal the Spear itself from their former selves. However, They can’t interact with them, otherwise they have a solid chance of destroying time.

Seeking the right moment, Rip, Nate and Mick sneaks into the ship and steal the Spear. However, things go wrong when their past-selves return. Sara and Jax try to stall them, however they are knocked down themselves.

The Future and Past-selves of Legends finally meet face to face. After explaining that they are not impostors, the future legends tell them about the alternative reality that got created after ‘Legion of Doom’ got hold of the Spear. Here, various characters interact with their doppelgängers. Meanwhile, they also experience a Time-quake.

The Legion suddenly starts attacking their ship and Legends try to time-jump out of there. However, they are engulfed in a time-storm and their ship crashes. After some discussion, future legends tell their past-selves to take the second Waverider to get out of there.

Just as they are above to leave, the Legion starts attacking them. Despite the two sets of Legends, the Legion seems to be having an upper hand (which is quite funny actually). After losing some members, the Legends finally overtake them.

Just as they are about to leave, Eobard Thawne appears and kills the future Rip Hunter. Much to the Legends’ surprise, he brought future and past versions of himself as cavalry. Instead of taking out Sara Lance who is holding the ‘Spear of destiny’, they start taking out everybody else. Again, this makes no sense.

Reluctant of her own darkness, Sara finally uses the Spear. She is then seen sitting with her sister Laurel Lance in an apartment. Sara realizes that the Spear is playing with her emotions. Finally, she is convinced by Laurel to use it. Flashing back, Sara is still standing there and Thawne steals the Spear out of her hand.

Thinking that Sara didn’t use the Spear, Thawne tries to use it himself. However, it doesn’t work. Realizing that she de-powered the Spear, he tries to kill Sara. Suddenly the time-beast whom Thawne has been running from appears and kills him. Thawne is then vaporized and other versions of him are destroyed.

Back to the Future: Aruba

Just as the alternate timeline is destroyed, the remaining future legends also disappear. The former legends gathers and time-jump out of there. Instead of killing or punishing the imprisoned ‘Legion of Doom’ members (probably for future villainy), they drop them at different timelines and erase their memories MIB style.

Rip Hunter, realizing the team probably works better without him, decides to leave. This further solidifies the leadership role of Captain Sara Lance.

Just as the legends try to time-jump to reach ‘titular Aruba’ in 2017, they are hit with another Time-quake. Forcibly ejected out of the Temporal zone, their ship crash lands in Los Angeles 2017.

Their recent adventure seem to have major adverse effects on the timeline, as present Los Angeles is a mixture of medieval and futuristic landmarks accompanied with free wandering Dinosaurs.

Legends of Tomorrow "Aruba" Review


Despite the obvious quirks, 'Aruba' was an exciting episode. It wasn't as impressive as the Season 1 finale, but it clearly sets the stage for what to come.

With a show of this magnitude, some plot holes have to be expected. I honestly wish writers had tightened the script a little bit more for the finale. But with four simultaneous Superhero shows, they already have their hands full.

With Katie Cassidy returning as 'Black Siren' on Arrow, we might see some appearances on the spin-off show too. Also, it's probably safe to assume that new characters will be introduced in Season 3.

Although the show has already been renewed for the third season, details are yet to be known. Be sure to check back for more.

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