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The Expanse S02E11 Recap & Review – “Here There Be Dragons”

In this week’s episode ‘Here There Be Dragons’ – we see Alex playing video game around moons, Naomi revealing she had a son and Bobbie breaking out of her chains and switching sides.

Here There Be Dragons Recap

The episode starts with a flashback. Dr. Strickland is taking Mei to the secret lab before the mirrors fell at the Ganymede station. When she asks to go back to her dad, he calms her by playing ‘I spy’ game with flowers’ latin names.

In the present, the Rocinante crew follow the same pathway and reach a locked door. Fortunately, with a master key from Roma, it opened easily.

Along the way, Amos says to Holden that he didn’t even stop him from bashing Roma’s head in to which he replied that stopping ‘Protomolecule’ is more important. Naomi asks Prax to be ready for a possible outcome of their journey and tells him that she also lost her son.

Traversing the pathway, Prax tells them that Cascade is happening faster than he thought which basically means the station will collapse soon. He also founds an empty vial for Mei’s medicine which suggests they are on the right path.

Back on earth, Bobbie has a heated conversation with Captain Martens. He recalls the accident when Bobbie’s father fell while climbing the Mariner valley and how she carried him back. In reality, the situation was actually reverse as we find out later. Disappointed, he tells her that she is longer a soldier and will be sent back to Mars.

In Venus’ orbit, the research ship UNS Arboghast keeps losing probes before they reach the Eros impact region. With only two probes remaining, they decide to remove shielding from one probe to reinforce the other.

While Errinwright is telling Avasarala a possible way to reach Jules-Pierre Mao, she tells him that the security council is going to put the blame on him for the Eros fiasco. She asks him to come clean himself during the hearings.

The lander about to pick up Bobbie is sent away, the reason being some OPA plot to destroy it. The notification came from Avasarala’s office and it probably means she halted their travel on purpose.

Back on Rocinante, Alex is trying to figure out a way to contact the team. Despite the no-fly zone, he receives a priority alert which states that the ship Karakum will land on Ganymede. He figures that it is probably a Black-ops operation.

From his wedding ring, Alex gets an idea to reach Ganymede without being detected. It includes using thrusters to slingshot around various moons to reach the destination.

With Bobbie desperate to know what happened on Ganymede, she attacks Martens when she refuses to tell her anything. After some hardcore beating, he tells Bobbie about Project Caliban. Knocking him unconscious she escapes the MCRN headquarters. When followed, she surrenders herself to the UN soldiers requesting political asylum.

Alex is now in full game-on mode as he circles Roci around moons. With technology that’s beyond amazing, it looks weird for him to follow the ‘Squares’ like an old school video game. He hits a minor roadblock when another ship comes in close vicinity, but switching to manual mode does the trick.

Bobbie, now sitting in Avasarala’s office, hands over the tablet she stole from Martens. She also tells them that Ganymede fiasco was a weapon test demo. It’s up for sale and Mars badly wants it. Peace talks with Earth were a delaying action to buy some time.

Back on Ganymede, the Roci crew reach a door and can hear people on the other side. Prax asks Amos for a gun, which Amos reluctantly gives. They finally bust in and see the women Umea (Strickland’s accomplice) and other scientists eating pizza. Three security guards are also present. Prax sees Mei’s backpack and tries to makes a move which results in a shootout. The scientists escape and Amos gets shot in the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Jules-Pierre Mao has sent Avasarala a message, and wants to meet with her. He also tells his non-negotiable conditions. Cotyar thinks it’s clearly a trap but but she has already agreed to meet.

Prax finds a pod chamber with a frozen child inside infected with Protomolecule. It’s not Mei, but he’s still freaked out on seeing it. In a flashback, we see Mei and other children tied up to chairs. Holden incinerates the pod to destroy the Protomolecule in it.

Suddenly, someone throws a grenade into the room. Amos quickly acts and throws it back. There’s an explosion and we hear a sound of glass breaking followed with heavy shooting and screams of pain.

The crew of UNS Arboghast drops the reinforced probe from a lower orbit. It reaches the surface successfully but they are startled to see its short feed. Protomolecule seems to be growing and evolving on the surface of Venus.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the Roci crew see that something broke out of its glass cell. All the scientists are dead except Umea who is badly wounded. When approached by Holden, she tells him that they controlled the Protomolecule and made it in “our own image”.

Suddenly, Alex shows up outside the air lock wearing a suit. He’s there to pick the crew up. Holden asks him to wait till they suit up and come out. But Naomi tells Holden she’s not going. She will use Somnambulist to evacuate as many people as possible.

Holden tells Naomi to take Amos with her, and they kiss goodbye. After they leave, Alex calls Holden over and points out the Protomolecule hybrid staring at them without wearing a Vac Suit. After seeing this, Holden tells Prax, “Suit up, We’re going on a hunt.”

The Expanse "Here There Be Dragons" Review


'Here There Be Dragons' proved to be another solid episode, moving the plot farther than the last few episodes. The backstory is certainly important and the flashbacks proved that.

Watching Bobbie Draper kick Captain Martens' butt was as enjoyable as you'd like. However, her running off to Avasarala without much consideration to the outcome seems like a rushed move.

It remains to be seen how much can the creators pack up in the remaining two episodes of the season. Though I don't like comparing the show to 'Game of Thrones', Protomolecule hybrids are starting to look like White Walkers. Hopefully, we can see one soon in full action.

The show returns next week with the episode titled 'The Monster and the Rocket' on Syfy channel.

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